Women's healing and empowerment retreat in Sedona Arizona

Updated: Jun 24

Our retreats are the middle ground between very spiritual and relax r&r holistic healing. We blend these two and yet we appreciate the art of relaxation. We value personal insights and respect the desire for guidance. We self-reflect yet we also enjoy blowing off steam with some crazy fun. We crave a sweet treat and relish a farm to table meal. Organic and all inspired by local chefs. We are completely imperfect and are related by the opportunity to grow with you during this retreat.

With you in mind it is designed to bridge the gap between where you are in your life versus where you want to be.

Sedona has developed a reputation around the world as a spiritual place of enlightenment. You'll experience enough light and joy just by being in the presence of those incredible rugged red cliffs. We will be staying in a home surrounded by this backdrop and that color is strong enough to ground you at the same time and help you feel present and alive.

I know how important it is to take care of yourself physically , mentally and spiritually. And I'm going to be here for those 5 days to guide you through the process so that you will be your best version of yourself when you leave there.

This retreat will help you discover the Crystal clear vision of how you want to feel towards yourself, others and life. It will create a plan to realize your intentions and give you tools to actualize your desired life.

What makes this retreat so special? Well, you and me honestly, the energy that we will create is women between each other tethering our ties to create and empower each other is going to be something that you've never experienced. Surrounded by the private and stunning settings of this particular house is what also sets us apart. The vicinity of the red rocks and the energy between vortexes in Sedona offers a powerful environment for meditation and connection, and I can only imagine how you're going to sleep!

Connect with nature, mind, body and spirit in this beautiful setting, where peace and tranquility are abundant.